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JULY 2014

NutriBullet Releases the UNI Project Trailer in Support of the BeTheNextUNI Project

Nationwide Campaign to Help Reduce Childhood Obesity and Educate Teens on Healthy Living

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – July, 2014 – NutriBullet, LLC., a premiere health and wellness brand and creators of high-performance nutrient extractors, have announced the launch of "The UNI Project" trailer, a documentary that offers a sustainable solution to the declining health of teens today. NutriBullet partnered with University High School (UNI) in Los Angeles, bringing in a Registered Dietitian to work with teachers and students and providing them with fresh fruits, vegetables and NutriBullets to create a healthy daily breakfast, teaching them how to maintain healthy dietary and lifestyle changes.

"A staggering 66 percent of students are currently overweight," said NutriBullet's in-house Registered Dietitian Sarah Lefkowitz. "We need to encourage them to start eating veggies every day – to turn their health around in a big way and NutriBlasting is an easy and fun way for them to do that."

The students – made up of freshmen, sophomores and seniors – were guided daily by the NutriBullet team, led by Lefkowitz and Kerri Eich Reiners, the Director of Health and Environmental Sciences at UNI. NutriBullet recorded the students going through the Blast Bar, documenting their activities, interactions and struggles. Throughout the process, cholesterol levels were reduced, weight was lost and the overall health of the students drastically improved. Thus, the UNI Project was born. The success of the 12-week program proved to NutriBullet that educating this generation about the benefits of healthier eating habits is the key to impacting their well-being.

It was through this achievement that Team NutriBullet was inspired to create BeTheNextUNI, which is their way of expanding The UNI Project nationwide, offering five additional schools the chance to win $10,000 in fresh produce and numerous NutriBullets in order to run the program at their schools, helping educate their students about healthy living.

"We live in a fast-paced world where most parents don't have time to cook and where adolescents are bombarded with messages about what to eat," explained David Wolfe, a Nutrition Expert who worked with teachers and students on The UNI Project. "It is no wonder teens are suffering from rapidly declining health and are more confused than ever about what healthy eating even means."

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