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Getting Started :
How To Use the nutribullet®

How to Use Your nutribullet®


Unbox Your nutribullet®

Whether you’re rocking a Magic Bullet, Rx, 600, or PRO the first step is always the same. Unbox your Bullet. Take off all the plastic, plug it in, and get yourself and your Bullet situated.


Make a Smoothie, Any Smoothie

Look in your fridge and freezer. What do you have on hand? Let’s say you have spinach, a banana, ice, chia seeds, and almond milk. Start with the leafy greens, then add your fruit, seeds, and ice. Leave your liquid for last.

Smoothie Making Tips:

  • Ice should only occupy 25% of the cup, no more than that.
  • Liquid should always be added last.
  • Each cup has a “Max” line, don’t add any food or liquid above this line. The blade needs to be able to rotate and extract effectively and going over the Max line can make it hard for your ingredients to blend evenly. It may even cause leakage, and no one wants that.
  • NEVER add anything hot or carbonated to your Bullet. This causes pressure to build in the cup and may result in a mess or damage, so no hot coffee, no hot foods, and no sparkling water.



You have your smoothie built, now you’re ready to blend it! Tightly screw the extractor blade (the blade your Bullet came with) onto your cup. Make sure it is secure so there are no leaks during your blend. Then set the cup with the blade attached into the motor base. To lock the cup in place, twist the cup clockwise while pressing the cup down, this locks it in place and allows for a hands-free blend.

Keep an eye on your smoothie, it should take 30-60 seconds to blend to the right consistency. If any ingredients are stuck or if they have stopped moving, twist the cup counterclockwise to stop it and consider adding more liquid to get everything moving again or shaking the cup to dislodge “stuck” ingredients. Then lock the cup back into place and continue blending.

Once your smoothie looks well blended , stop the Bullet by twisting the cup counterclockwise. The cup will pop up, the motor will stop, and your smoothie will be ready!


Drink Your Smoothie

Remove the blade, screw on the lip ring to cover the grooves on the cup and sip that smoothie! It’s that simple. Taking your smoothie on the go? Screw on a flip top to-go lid and head out the door.


Clean Up

Cups are dishwasher safe on the top rack but blades need to be hand washed. Gently wash the blade with hot water and a sponge being cautious, it is a blade after all.

Note that the gaskets should never be removed from the blade. For more information on gaskets, click here.

If your motor base needs cleaning, use a cloth to wipe it off but remember to first unplug your Bullet. If it needs a more thorough cleaning, use warm soapy water and a toothbrush to scrub inside. Wipe it clean and allow it to air dry before using again.

Ready to make your first smoothie? Click here to explore hundreds of dietitian-approved recipes.

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