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Hit the road with the magic bullet® Portable Blender, an on-the-go blender that mixes smoothies, protein shakes, party drinks, flavored water, and more, wherever you happen to be. Charged via USB-C, this blender is designed for optimum portability, with a handled lid and a battery equipped to power through 15+ blending cycles per charge. It also comes with a water infuser inset for steeping spa-quality H20 in seconds. It’s lightweight, it’s compact, and it’s ready to blend any time, anywhere.


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  • Includes:
  • (1) 7.4V USB-C Rechargeable Motor Base
  • (2) 2,000 mAh batteries
  • (1) 16 oz cup
  • (1) Sip & carry lid
  • (1) USB-C charging cable
  • (1) Detachable flavor infuser
  • Specifications:
  • Dimensions - 3.3" x 3.74" x 10.16"
  • Weight - 1.63 lbs
  • Cord Length - 20"
  • 15+ automatic blend cycles per full charge
  • Reaches a full charge in 90 minutes or less


Infuser filled with strawberries icon

Infusion solution.

Insert the infuser basket and fill
with herbs and/or fruit to make
refreshing flavored water on the go.

Portable blender charging base closeup icon

Take charge.

Each full charging session fills your
battery with enough juice to power
through 15+ blending cycles.

Portable blender lid closeup icon

Flip and sip.

Our convenient handled flip-and-
sip lid design lets you easily
transport and drink your creations,
sans spillage.

Hand carring a magic bullet portable blender icon

Great blends, no limits.

Compact and lightweight with a
convenient handled lid, this little
blender is designed to go
wherever you do.

your magic bullet®

Accessories and extras for all
your magic bullet® needs.

magic bullet®

magic bullet®


Yes, the magic bullet® Portable Blender can crush ice when making a smoothie or other blended beverage, but we don’t recommend you use it only as an ice crusher. When blending ice and other frozen ingredients, it’s important to add enough liquid to your cup to keep the blend running smoothly. Refer to our User Guide for exact details.
Each blending cycle is 20 seconds long. It generally takes 1-2 blending cycles to fully blend your ingredients, depending on what you’re making. Check out our recipe guide for an idea of the number of cycles required to blend various kinds of ingredients.
The magic bullet® Portable Blender charges via a standard USB-C cable. The cable is included in the box. All you need to do is plug it into a UL-approved charging block in your outlet. The blender can take up to 90 minutes to reach a full charge, and each full lasts for 15+ blending cycles.
To use the flavor infuser, first load up the flavor infuser basket attachment with fruits, herbs, or other ingredients, and insert it inside the blending cup. Next, pour water through the infuser and into the cup. Twist on the lid, then run for one blending cycle and your infused beverage is ready to enjoy. You can keep the infuser basket inside the blending cup while you drink.
The blender is very easy to clean. The cup and lid attachments are top-rack dishwasher-safe, but you can also wash by hand by adding a drop of soap to the cup, filling with water, and blending for one blending cycle. To clean the Motor Base, simply wipe it down gently with a damp cloth, and be careful around the sharp blade. NEVER submerge the Motor Base in water or run it through the dishwasher.
Designed for on-the-go convenience, the magic bullet® Portable Blender weighs roughly 1.6 pounds and measures 3.3" x 3.74" x 10.61”. It’s narrow enough to fit into any standard car cupholder and its compact profile fits easily in your gym bag, backpack, or carry-on. It also features a handled lid so you’ll have no problem transporting it when you’re on the move.
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The magic bullet® Portable Blender can be used outside in dry, temperate conditions. Users must use caution when operating the magic bullet® Portable Blender near water and other moist environments. Never submerge the blender in water or other liquids. If your blender happens to get a little wet, make sure to thoroughly dry it before charging or operating. You should also be wary of using the blender in extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, as this can drain and damage the battery. Do not leave your blender in a parked car, and never store your blender in the freezer. Make sure to keep the blender in an indoor, temperature-controlled environment when not in use.
Generally, you can transport your empty magic bullet® Portable Blender on an airplane in your carry-on bag. However, there are certain cases when TSA will not allow it – especially in your checked bag. We recommend you err on the side of caution by checking directly with your specific airline before traveling. You can also review the latest policy for Lithium Batteries on the official FAA website.