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This is the evolution of blending
NutriBullet nutrient extractors do more than just blend, they break down whole fruits and veggies to give you maximum nutrition.

Why NutriBullet?

There are many blenders on the market, but there is only one NutriBullet. With its compact size, simple assembly, hassle-free cleanup, and exceptional nutrient extraction power, the NutriBullet is the ideal tool for health-conscious individuals looking to fuel their exceptionally busy lives.

The NutriBullet compact design fits easily on any countertop and plugs into any standard outlet. Its unique Extractor Blade twists directly onto all NutriBullet cups, allowing you to extract and drink from the same vessel, which saves time and reduces additional cleanup. All of the NutriBullet's cups are top-rack dishwasher-safe, and its blades clean quickly with a rinse of soap and water.

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What is Nutrient
And why is it Better?

Nutrition Extraction is the mechanism the NutriBullet uses to break down fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other plant foods down to their most absorbable state. Unlike juicers and blenders, NutriBullet nutrition extractors break down the cell walls of fibrous plant foods, releasing important vitamins and minerals contained within. At the same time, they reduce beneficial fiber, pulp, seeds, and skins into a smooth-as-silk texture, delivering food to your body in an easily digestible, easily absorbable form. More than juicing, more than blending, and more than chewing, nutrition extraction allows you to receive the highest degree of nutrition your food has to offer.

To get the most out of your life, you need to get the most out of your food.

The NutriBullet hi-speed blender started a health revolution.

The Creators of Nutrient Extraction

What truly sets NutriBullet apart from the rest is its incredible extraction abilities. The NutriBullet is the original nutrient extractor, transforming ordinary foods into extraordinary nutrition. With its exclusive Bullet cyclonic action, specialized blades and powerful motor, the NutriBullet converts whole vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other superfoods into exceptional liquid fuel for your body. To get the most out of your life, you need to get the most out of your food.

Which NutriBullet is best for me?

The 600-watt NutriBullet breaks down whole fruits and vegetables.

The Original and

The 900-watt NutriBullet PRO comes with a Flip Top Lid so you can blend smoothies like a pro on the go.

A Powerhouse for
Power Users


Just Got Smarter

The 1,700-watt NutriBullet Rx is the world's most powerful nutrient extractor. It even has a heating function so you can make healthy soups.

Transform Your Health
Without Limits

Perfect For The First Step Toward Healthy Eating Those With An Active Lifestyle Get Real-Time Nutritional Info as you Build Recipes Best-in-Class Nutrient Extraction
Customer Rating
Motor 600 Watts 900 Watts 1200 Watts 1700 Watts
Capacity Up to 24 oz Up to 32 oz Up to 32 oz Up to 45 oz
Special Features Basic Configuration to Begin Blasting Larger Cup and Flip Top To-Go Lid for Mobility App with Hundreds of Recipes For Your Specific Wellness Goals Heating Cycle for Hot Soups and Auto On-Off
Servings of Fruits & Vegetables 5 per NutriBlast 7 per NutriBlast 7 per NutriBlast 12 per NutriBlast
Included Recipe Book Yes Yes Included In App Yes
Price $69.99 + 10% off* $99.99 + 10% off* $179.94 $149.99 + 10% off*
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SuperFood SuperBoost®
NutriBullet Organic Pea Protein Blend
SuperFood Fat Burning Boost®
Add NutriBullet SuperFood protein and weight-loss formulas to your NutriBlast smoothie.

NutriBullet Superfood Blends combine antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals into convenient formulas that mix easily (and deliciously) into any NutriBlast smoothie. The 100% organic, GMO-free ingredients are sourced from the world's most reputable farms and undergo extensive testing for flavor and effectiveness. Whether you're looking to lose weight, boost energy, or simply incorporate a wider variety of nutrients into your diet, NutriBullet SuperFoods can supply the extra boost you need to super charge your overall health and wellness.

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Your Bullet

NutriBullet 24oz Tall Cup with Lip Ring

NutriBullet 24 oz Tall
Cup with Lip Ring

NutriBullet Extrator Blade

NutriBullet Extractor

NutriBullet PRO Extractor Blade

NutriBullet PRO
Extractor Blade

NutriBullet Organic Pea Protein Blend Tub

NutriBullet Organic
Pea Protein Blend Tub


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