It’s a Wrap! Introducing Complimentary magic bullet® Artist Wraps

Charles Adams | April 10, 2023

At magic bullet® we’re all about celebrating the joys of self-expression, both inside the kitchen and out. That’s why we teamed up with three amazing artists to create three limited-edition wraps to decorate your blender!

These cool skins wrap around the base of your magic bullet®, adding color, personality, and all-around good vibes to your countertop. They’re easy to apply and easy to remove and clean when things get a little messy. Plus, they don’t mess with the functionality of your blender.

The best part? They’re totally free.

Here’s how to get yours.

Visit and add the original magic bullet® blender to your cart. At checkout, apply the promo code “EXPRESSION” in the discount code box. Complete your purchase and your new magic bullet® will arrive with one of the three amazing designs included.

Offer available until supplies last.

Meet the Artists:

Shanée Benjamin is a queer art director and illustrator living and loving from Brooklyn, NY. With almost a decade of corporate design experience, she made the leap into digital illustration and painting, focusing on passionately telling the stories of LGBTQIA+ black and brown folks. Through working with major brands such as Instagram, Old Navy, and Youtube (to name a few), she’s had the opportunity to follow her passion and create community and connection through art.

Shanée Benjamin artist headshot

About her design: “I am super excited to partner with magic bullet to bring more creativity into the kitchen! I’m a huge fan of using the magic bullet® to create bold, vibrant dishes, because it’s so accessible in my kitchen and easy to use. Since I love to be creative in the kitchen, I wanted to share my fun sense of style through the art wrap to encourage anyone to cook!”

Jiaqi (pronounced Ja-Chi) Wang is a Chinese-born, New York and Los Angeles-based illustrator and animator. She loves using strong lines with equal weight and surrounding flat colors, giving equal priority to every element in a drawing, whether in the background or foreground. Sometimes, she uses perspective, quirky characters, and moving images to add more to the narrative. You can catch her work from the corner of magazines to somewhere on the walls of your city.

Jiaqi Wang artist headshot
About her design: this design invites users to “swim with your favorite ingredients. Enjoy the flavor, chill with them, and have a good time in this magic bullet® swimming pool!”

Spencer Gabor is an illustrator, designer and muralist based in Brooklyn, New York. His work is headlined by bold and zany characters, abstract shapes, and bright colors. His illustration clients have included NPR, Lululemon, Harvard University, and The New York Times.

Spencer Gabor artist picutre

About his design: “It’s rare that I get to blend client work with a product that’s genuinely been a part of my life for years, but this collaboration was exactly that. Ideating how my characters could represent the vast world of food prep was a blast and seeing them actually wrap around the blender was the icing on the cake.”

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Charles Adams