Sharing the NutriBullet with Friends and Family

Jeannene Davis | September 8, 2016

The only thing better than being healthy is being healthy together with your friends and family. Making nutritious smoothie recipes is an excellent and delicious way to fuel your body and keep you in tip-top health, so why not share that experience with the people you care about?

There are lots of individuals who have yet to take full advantage of their NutriBullet. And some have no idea how to use it! Whether their NutriBullet is brand new or collecting dust in the pantry, it’s time for everyone to start enjoying and benefiting from its nutrient-extracting powers.

We all know that the NutriBullet, regardless of model, is a quick and easy way to create healthy, flavorful drinks. By sharing your NutriBullet and recipe ideas with others, it gives you the opportunity to explore new ingredients and combinations, helping you get more creative with your smoothies as you find the perfect balance of flavors and nutrients.

Get everyone involved by hosting weekly or monthly get-togethers to whip up delicious, wholesome smoothies and dishes using the NutriBullet. Each person can bring something different to the table – someone can make the entrée, while others can take care of the soups and sides. Yes, your NutriBullet can do more than make smoothies, and no, not everything has to be pureed.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! Make a creamy and flavorful dip for your vegetables. Having pork tenderloins? Drizzle on a sweet apricot sauce to enhance the flavor profiles and blow some minds. Skip the sugar-laden salad dressings and make your own. A tangy blend of strawberries, olive oil, and vinegar makes the perfect topping to a goat cheese and arugula salad. What about an all-natural, whipped topping for your fresh fruits? And don’t forget the cocktails!

There are even more recipes on the NutriLiving website, from spreads and salsas to soups and salad dressings. Try them out or make them your own by adding your favorite fruits and veggies. The options are limitless because your NutriBullet is so easy to use and there are hundreds of recipes to choose from. Cleaning is a breeze, so even if there’s only one at the party, you can quickly set it up to prepare the next part of the meal.

Making smoothies for yourself is a great way to get healthy, but making smoothies with others makes it a fun and social experience. Best of all, you can see what recipes your friends and family come up with as they pick up a few tips and tricks from you, as well. And who knows – you might help jumpstart someone’s journey to better health!

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Jeannene Davis

Jeannene Davis graduated from The University of Texas Houston Health Science Center with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics and followed the degree with a Certification in Adult Weight Management and Diabetes Education. She provides in-house support to physician offices and large scale support to corporations and small businesses to ensure their employees have the most current information about nutrition and wellness.

She's worked in hospitals, outpatient radiation clinics, gene therapy centers, and even insurance companies, focusing on health and wellness, diabetes, and herb and supplement education, as well as renal nutrition support to pre-dialysis, dialysis, and renal transplant patients for a variety of companies since 1993.

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