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nutribullet® Brew
Choice Pod + Carafe


Brew a full carafe of filtered ground coffee or a single-serve coffee pod with the nutribullet® Brew Choice™ Pod + Carafe. This unique coffee maker features a convertible brewing chamber that easily switches between filter and pod brewing methods, plus settings for different brew sizes within each category. It’s multiple java options in one efficient machine.

SKU NBC50200

  • Includes:
  • (1) Body (unit base)
  • (1) 12-cup glass carafe with removable lid
  • (1) 67.2-oz removable water reservoir with removable lid
  • (1) Brew basket
  • (1) Pod holder
  • (1) Reusable filter (gold tone)
  • (1) Removable mug platform
  • (1) Coffee ground scoop
  • (1) Reusable pod
  • Specifications:
  • Dimensions - 14.65" x 7.87" x 15"
  • Weight - 9 lbs
  • Cord Length - 30"


2 ways to

Pop in a coffee pod or load up a filter with coffee grounds. Whether you’re seeking a single cup or a full carafe, we’ve got you covered.

Just your

Pods offer 6, 8, and 12-oz yields for mugs up to 7 inches** tall, while filtered brews can fill your carafe with 6, 9, or 12 cups of coffee.

Brew Sense™

The Brew Choice™ Pod + Carafe is programmed to detect whether you’ve inserted a coffee pod or a filter filled with coffee grounds, and automatically adjusts its display and functions to meet your needs.

12-cup Glass

A full-sized glass carafe stays warm on the heating plate for up to 2-hours after brewing.

**When brewing a cup of coffee with a pod.

nutribullet® Brew Choice Pod + Carafe Reviews.

nutribullet® Brew Choice Pod + Carafe FAQs.

The Brew Choice™ Pod + Carafe can be used to brew espresso with the pod brewing setting. The most straightforward method for brewing espresso is to select an espresso blend pod and proceed with the usual instructions. You can also fill your reusable pod with ground espresso and brew with the pod brewing cycle. We do not suggest brewing espresso with the carafe setting.

The Brew Choice™ Pod + Carafe does not operate using Nespresso® Pods, or comparable pods.
To select between single cup and carafe brewing, simply open the Top Ring Lid and insert either the Pod Holder with a coffee pod, or the Brew Basket with a filter full of coffee grounds. Once you close the Top Ring Lid, the Brew Choice™ Pod + Carafe will automatically detect which components are in use and will illuminate the corresponding brew types and sizes on the Control Panel. From here, select your desired brew size using the Brew Selector Dial. Then push “Start” on the dial to begin brewing.

If making a single-serve coffee pod brew, be sure to set the Removable Mug Platform on top of the heat plate before placing your mug under the coffee spout. This is not required for larger metal or glass-bottomed travel mugs. Never place a plastic-bottomed mug onto the heat plate.

If brewing a carafe, measure your grounds out with the Coffee Ground Scoop for the perfect coffee-to-water ratio, according to your taste.
The Brew Choice™ Pod + Carafe brews hot coffee only. The machine features a heat plate that will keep a carafe of coffee warm for up to two hours. The heat plate is not meant for use with single-cup brewing.

If brewing a single cup of coffee with a pod, be sure to set the Removable Mug Platform on top of the heat plate before placing your mug under the coffee spout. If brewing a pod of coffee into a larger travel mug, you do not need to use the Removable Mug Platform. Never place a mug or travel mug with a plastic base onto the heat plate. The heat plate might melt the plastic, causing potential damage to the unit as well as personal injury.
The single cup pod setting lets you brew 6, 8, or 10 ounces of coffee. The carafe setting allows you to select to brew 6, 9, or 12 cups of coffee.
The Brew Choice™ Pod + Carafe offers two options for making coffee: brew a single cup using a *K-Cup®-compatible pod or reusable pod, or a full coffee pot (carafe) with a coffee filter.