Healthy Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

nutribullet | June 7, 2018

With Father’s Day coming, you may be thinking the last thing your father needs is another mug that says, “World’s Best Dad” or an engraved picture frame or grilling apron, right? Maybe this year, you could get him something he would like that can enhance his health, wellbeing, and life. But what would that be? Whether it’s for your father or someone who has acted as a father-figure in your life, here are some thoughtful gifts he’ll appreciate!

Lessons of Love

Sign your dad up for lessons doing some of his favorite activities to help challenge both his physical and mental limits. For the musically-inclined dad, find out his instrument of choice and sign him up for group or private lessons. If your father has always wanted to swing a golf club, shoot hoops, or dance salsa, there are definitely classes out there for him. Movement boosts adrenaline and helps keep him physically active. Even though he might seem hesitant at first, if the activity is something he’s interested in, he’ll most likely be grateful for this thoughtful and fun gift.

Cooking Gadgets

Okay, I know I said a new grilling apron is off limits, but cooking gadgets – or even cooking lessons – could be super useful. Not only does this expand Dad’s mind, but it also might get him excited about cooking for himself, which can equal cooking fresh, healthy whole foods.

Cooking is also something you can do together. When it comes to gifting as we age, it’s usually not as much about material things as it is about experiences you can share with loved ones. In fact, according to the Father’s Day Spending Survey, 48 percent of people shopping for Father’s Day gifts plan to spend more on experiences than on things.

Culture Shock

Speaking of experiences you can share with loved ones, there is nothing that expands the mind more than heading out to a cultural event or show. Surprise Dad with season tickets at his local theater – with a plus one, of course, so that he can share the experience with someone else. If you are on a budget for Father’s Day, you can also check local listings for free movies, festivals, and concerts or find coupons from reputable third-party booking sites to save on event ticket costs.

New Exercise Equipment

The ultimate healthy Father’s Day gift would be something that involves getting Dad into fitness. Not that activity lessons aren’t enough, but getting his heart pumping for an extended period is even better. Buying him a new pair of athletic shoes that are lightweight, comfortable and easy on the joints is a good idea. Another idea could be hiring a personal trainer to help him at the gym and make sure he doesn’t injure himself.

New Fun Tech Gadget

It’s 2018, and today’s fathers are often into high tech gadgets. While Smart TVs and wireless headphones are great for the dads who want to tune out their ever-adoring families, fitness trackers, like the Fitbit and Apple Watch, are excellent for monitoring his exercise progress and health.

Good health starts in the kitchen, and buying Dad a high-tech kitchen gadget can help make healthy eating fun and convenient.

This Father’s Day, give your dad a gift that shows you care. Whether it’s that guitar lesson he’s been meaning to take or one of the smartest kitchen gadgets on the market, a thoughtful health-promoting gift is a gift that keeps on giving!



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