Money-Saving Tips with the nutribullet Blender

Sherene Chou | July 6, 2020

Why the nutribullet Blender?

The nutribullet Blender is powerful and versatile, allowing you to make an endless array of smoothies, soups, sauces, nut butters, and classic pantry staples all in one unit.

The nutribullet blender pays for itself.

Below is a small sample of quick and easy meals, snacks, and pantry staples you can whip up in seconds, along with full recipe cost comparisons. For additional chef-crafted recipes that are designed for your nutribullet, visit the nutribullet recipes page.


Smoothies are a great way to start your day, and they give you a quick boost of fruits and veggies. They’re healthy and delicious, but buying them every day can cost anywhere between $1,800 and $3,600 a year at $5 to $10 per order, depending on your location and preferences. There’s also the added environmental damage with excess waste from straws, cups, and containers that can be easily avoided.

There is no doubt that making smoothies at home is better for you and a guaranteed way to save time and money. Our go-to Breakfast Smoothie, for example, is creamy, satisfying, and packed with vitamins, minerals, and a quarter of your daily fiber. Best of all, it costs only $1.60 per serving to make in your own home. Check out the Top 10 Essential Smoothies for Beginners for more recipes to help you get started.

Blending your smoothie at home makes it easy to customize ingredients, allowing you to add more veggies, fruits, or spices at the fraction of the cost.

With just 20 Breakfast Smoothies, your nutribullet Blender pays for itself in cost savings.

Cost of a nutribullet Blender = $99.99

Breakfast Smoothie

cost breakdown for a spinach banana breakfast smoothie

Average Cost of Smoothie is $7.00

  • 30 homemade smoothies/month = $48.00
  • 30 store-bought smoothies/month = $210.00
  • Savings with nutribullet Blender = $162.00 per month on Smoothies
  • Savings with nutribullet Blender = $1,944.00 per year on Smoothies

Nut Butters

Nut butters are a classic pantry staple. Depending on the type of nut (peanut, almond, cashew, etc.) and how much you eat, you can spend anywhere from $3 to $7 every week. Even though peanut butter is widely available and affordable compared to others, there are two main advantages to making it at home: (1) no fillers or added ingredients and (2) cost savings.

Peanut Butter

cost breakdown for homemade peanut butter

Average Cost of Nut Butter is $5.00

  • 4 homemade jars of peanut butter/month = $6.52
  • 4 store-bought nut butter/month = $20.00
  • Savings with nutribullet Blender = $13.48 per month on Peanut Butter
  • Savings with nutribullet Blender = $161.76 per year on Peanut Butter

Dairy-Free Milks

You can easily make any type of dairy-free milk at home for a fraction of the cost. Not only are there cost savings, you no longer need to wait until you finish an entire carton to try other varieties like oat milk, cashew milk, or almond milk. You can make as much or as little as you need in seconds.

Oat Milk

cost breakdown for homemade oat milk

Average Cost of Dairy-Free Milk (½ gallon) is $4.00

  • 4 homemade half gallons of oat milk/month = $1.92
  • 4 store-bought half gallons of dairy-free milk/month = $16.00
  • Savings with nutribullet Blender = $14.08 per month on Oat Milk
  • Savings with nutribullet Blender = $168.96 per year on Oat Milk

Energy Bites

Energy bites are the perfect energy-boosting snacks to fuel you throughout the day as a quick breakfast or mid-day snack. These hassle-free, one-ounce bites can be customized with your favorite spices, protein powder, or sweeteners like chocolate chips! You can make these delicious snacks ahead and take them anywhere. Say goodbye to store-bought protein bars!

Peanut Butter Energy Bites

cost breakdown for homemade energy bites snack

Average Cost of Store-Bought Protein Bars is $2.00

  • 24 homemade protein bars/month = $8.04
  • 24 store-bought protein bars/month = $48.00
  • Savings with nutribullet Blender = $39.96 per month on Protein Bars
  • Savings with nutribullet Blender = $479.52 per year on Protein Bars

If you’re wondering whether the nutribullet Blender is worth the investment, the cost savings in the first few weeks alone will pay for itself.

 In the first year, you will save over $2,700 just on Smoothies ($1,944), Nut Butters ($161.76), Oat Milk ($168.96), and Protein Bars ($479.52).

Total Savings with nutribullet Blender = $2,754.24 per year

These are a small sample of popular meals, snacks and pantry staples you can whip up in seconds. Your nutribullet also comes with a 1-year warranty with full access to additional chef-crafted recipes that are designed just for your nutribullet.

We love seeing what you whip up in the kitchen. Share your creations with us on social at @nutribullet. Happy cooking!

Sherene Chou

Sherene Chou

Sherene is a culinary-trained Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for nutribullet focused on making delicious plant-based eats sustainable and accessible for all. She believes that food cultures and traditions should be celebrated and incorporated as part of living a happy and healthy life. When she’s not learning about a new ingredient or food at her local farmers market, you can find Sherene teaching food justice and culinary nutrition to health professionals nationwide.

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