5 Smoothies for Your New NutriBullet

Shadae Zamyad | May 16, 2019

New to blending? First time owning a NutriBullet or Magic Bullet? First of all, congrats! You are one step closer to enjoying all the amazing, healthy creations you can make with your new blender! Our products are versatile enough to make smoothies, soups, sauces, dips, desserts, dressings, and much more! But first things first, let’s start with smoothies.

Enjoying smoothies is a quick and easy way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet and start your day on the right foot. Try any of the recipes here on NutriBullet or get creative with your favorite smoothie ingredients – the possibilities are endless!

If you find smoothie-making a little overwhelming because of all the powders and superfoods available on the market, have no fear! The key is to start with the basics and keep it simple. Once you become used to making smoothies, you can begin exploring more with various ingredients that can help boost flavor and nutrition content. To give your smoothie and your body a healthy boost, check out our line of organic superfoods and boosts, including our delicious plant-based organic pea protein powder!

Ready to make your smoothie? Here are some of our favorite nutritious and delicious recipes to help get you started!

5 Beginner Smoothie Recipes

  1. Blueberry Slam Dunk – The perfect balance of flavors and nutrients! The almond butter makes it creamy, and our NutriBullet Organic Pea Protein Blend lends a subtle vanilla flavor. If you don’t have protein powder, feel free to omit it for now.
  2. Banana Cherry Power Hour – All you need are four ingredients! Bananas and cherries make for a sweet and delicious smoothie that’s perfect for beginners. It’s guaranteed to be a household favorite!
  3. Banana Kale Blueberry Freeze – Simple, but oh so good! This is an excellent recipe for those who have trouble getting their greens in. It’s great for picky eaters and kids; you can’t even taste the kale! It’s also an excellent pre- or post-workout smoothie.
  4. Cashew Banana Flex – High in protein and fiber, this smoothie makes a great meal replacement. The cashew butter and avocado provide good quality fats that will leave you feeling satiated.
  5. Banana Almond Spice Smoothie – Banana, spice, and everything nice! It tastes so decadent; you’ll never guess that it’s healthy for you – perfect for when you’re craving something sweet!

You can find hundreds of other dietitian-approved recipes here. Enjoy your nutrient-packed smoothies and your NutriBullet or Magic Bullet!

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Shadae Zamyad

Shadae Zamyad is the Recipe and Nutrition Specialist at Capital Brands. She has an Associates of Science in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor’s of Science in Culinary Nutrition. With her unique food and nutrition background, she has been able to create thousands of diet and disease-specific recipes for various NutriBullet products. She has helped many people achieve healthier eating by setting realistic and approachable goals. Her fool-proof approach to healthier eating is eating real, nutrient-dense foods and incorporating healthy fats and fiber into every meal.

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