Meet the nutribullet® Ultra

nutribullet | September 11, 2023

The nutribullet® Ultra is just as it sounds: it’s ultra sleek, ultra durable, and ultra powerful. The Ultra takes the essence of the nutribullet ® you know and love and advances it forward, refining its design with increased wattage, an intuitive illuminated interface with an auto-timed blending program and pulse setting, and enhanced blade performance and durability.  

Its streamlined silhouette adds sophistication to any countertop, while its Tritan™️ Renew blending cups bring sustainable strength to the table. And did we mention that this is our quietest single-serve blender yet?

It’s stylish, it’s powerful, and it delivers the highest quality results from every ingredient.   

Each nutribullet® Ultra unit comes equipped with: 

  • a 1200-watt motor base 
  • 24 oz cup 
  • 24 oz handled cup made from Tritan™️ Renew post-recycled material 
  • 32 oz Tritan™️ Renew cup 
  • rapid extractor blade 
  • 2 to-go lids 

From smoothies to cocktails to dips, the nutribullet® Ultra tackles all the classic nutribullet® offerings in less time, with more finesse. Our registered dietitians and resident chef have also developed sustainable recipe offerings featuring ingredients with a lower environmental impact to mirror the new features of the Ultra.

Check out recipes ranging from smoothies to sauces to dessertsYour taste buds and Mother Earth will thank you. 



Nutrition made easy. At nutribullet, we believe that good nutrition has the power to transform lives. Our products, from our blenders to our blends, make nutrition fun and hassle-free for any lifestyle. So, if you're looking for a simple way to be healthy, we've got you covered.

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